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Two-storey villa of 385 m2

Two-storey house
(5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, garage, garden, swimming pool, terrace on the second floor).


House area: 385 m2
(The ground floor area: 189 m2, terrace area: 196 m2)
Land area: 544 m2
Swimming pool area: 32 m2
Parking Area: 16.5 m2

Price from: 10 580 000 Baht


Aristocratic villa in Pattaya. Harmony of subtle luxury and refined comfort

This unique object of luxurious two-storey real estate is the pride of the cottage village Mountain-village, which is located near the picturesque lake and surrounded by impressive mountain landscapes and beautiful vineyards. Living in this area for a long time has been considered a privilege of wealthy people with sophisticated taste. And there is nothing to be surprised of, because all important cultural events in Thailand are held in Silver Lake Park. Besides the park zone, adjoining to the famous Mount of the Golden Buddha, is considered to be one of the main landscape attractions of Pattaya. Buying a villa in this area is a very profitable investment, which will inevitably pay you off with irreproachable comfort and stable growth of prices of land and houses in this area.

Descent efficiency of every detail

Nearly four hundred square meters of expertly-planned living space includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen, that allows to receive guests of any status with the sufficient comfort. Aristocratic type of building is associated with a classical house of wealthy successful people for whom discreet luxury has become a common attribute of everyday life. All the utility lines and lighting systems were created on the basis of professional projects with the use of premium materials and components.

This wonderful house is able to hold warmth inside in cold weather and accumulate coolness on hot sunny days. Smart layout allows to use every square meter wisely in order to create a user-friendly infrastructure. A tropical garden on the house territory is one more pleasant thing for the owner. 

Become  a creator of your own house

The striking scope inside and outside the house is a sign of well-deserved prosperity and requires an exclusive interior design. Therefore, you are encouraged to take an active part in the elaboration of a design project, on the basis of which the furnituring will be created according to your desires. Making you such an interesting proposal, the developer has managed to create an excellent basis to bring to life the most daring design ideas. So now it's up to you.

This premium-class property is a really gorgeous offer for those who know how to invest wisely. Such exclusive proposals can be found on the market of the newly formed up-market housing in Thailand not so often. So don’t put it off - call, evaluate, purchase!