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Buying a house in a prestigious area of Pattaya - Thailand

villa on the coast of Thailand

If you’ve lived and rented a house in Pattaya you know how comfortable and warm it is in Thailand with its clean and fresh air and a pleasant sea breeze. Our customers, who understand this and rent apartments in Pattaya, very often come to a decision to buy a real estate. That’s exactly what our company specializes in – we sell property in the paradise of Thailand.

Villas that we put on sale are in great demand because of our great experience in selling real estate in Thailand and because of the fact  that direct cooperation with developers provided us with invaluable experience in:

  • layout of the villas
  • the most comfortable arrangement of the houses
  • ease of villa territory maintenance
  • convenient car-access  and, of course, private car-parking
  • and a lot of other little things that we take into account and that you will be pleased with

Why is it better to buy villas with us?

покупка виллы в престижном, районе Silver Lake

We give FREE consultations on any questions considering a purchase of a house in Pattaya and in particular a house in a new, prestigious area  Silver Lake.
Highly qualified managers will be able to answer all your questions, and our base of houses will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers
We will find the perfect option for you. Either for living with your family or organizing a business in Thailand.
We provide our customers with full support  whenever convenient to them,  from the necessary documents for buying  a villa to the assistance in renting the houses.

Why do customers prefer to buy villas in Pattaya with us?

We work according to the legislation of Thailand. We have a high level of confidence among Pattaya authorities as well as among our customers. We appreciate it a lot and are grateful for your cooperation with us.
Many of our customers come to us on the recommendation of their friends who have already bought a villa in Pattaya. After all what could be better than becoming  neighbors on the warm coasts of Thailand?!

Sale of 3 cottages on the final stage of construction

1st cottage village Mountain Village is at the stage of completion of the construction. There are 3 unsold cottages, the construction of houses is almost finished and they will be ready for moving-in in November 2015. Hurry up! 


Two-storey villa 385 m2
Two-storey villa 385 m2
11 000 000 baht
One-storey  villa 285m2
One-storey villa 335m2
8 510 000 baht
One-storey villa 116 m2
One-storey villa 116 m2
5 980 000 baht


Do you have questions?

Our managers will be glad to answer them. You can call or text us (our contacts are on the web-site) and we will certainly find the conditions which will suit you!
- You can also order a free call of our specialist - The reason of your call should be stated.