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One-storey villa 116 m2

One-storey house (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, parking area, garden).


House area: 116 m2
(The ground  floor area: 80 m2, area of the terrace: 30 m2)
Land area: 331.60 m2
Swimming pool area: 18 m2
Parking Area: 16.5 m2

Price from: 5 980 000 Baht


Villa in Mountain-village. Discreet charm of the bourgeois way of life

One-storey villa introduced to you is a sample of unconditional luxury of everyday comfort, dressed in the ideal environment and magnificent landscapes of Pattaya. The land lot is impressive in size and represents a true tropical oasis, surrounded by graceful palm trees and exotic planting. Private artesian well will solve the problem of clean water forever, and an effective security system of the cottage village will ensure the highest standards of personal safety.

Aristocratic expanse as a way of life

One hundred and sixteen meters of usable living space at your disposal define an up-market character of the future living, which will be complemented with attractive views from the well-equipped spacious terrace. A large swimming pool will allow you to relax at any time of the day, and two magnificent bathrooms and bedrooms to receive guests up to the mark. What is more, you can always go for a walk around your own garden, listening to the birds singing and admiring the distant outline of the Golden Buddha Mountain. Village «Silver Lake» is a quiet respectable area, which for a long time has been considered a refuge for people with good taste and fancy for privacy. So, choosing this respectable villa for your accommodation get ready to change your life for a good long while. 

Inspiring perspective

According to the agreement with the real estate developer, an owner will take an active part in the elaboration of interior design. That means you can give your own design project, which will be brilliantly brought into life in the form of a stylish and comfortable furnishing.
The second option is to make technical design specifications for the interior outfitting together with our experts. In addition your choice can concern any part, starting from the creation of the original lighting and finishing with looking through the great variety of tones for the flooring.
In any case, the premium-class furnishing, based on your personal preferences, will be at your disposal. Such approach accompanied with professional technical solutions and high-class materials will let you bring to life all your most cherished desires.

What’s more it’s profitable ...

Buying this property is not only the possession of the up-market property in the most beautiful corner of South Asia. Such contract can be also considered a profitable investment, which will increase the invested assets in much more reliable and fast way than any bank interests. So don’t waste your time! Make up your mind and proceed to transaction executing! You know that the number of proposals is limited, and the number of page views is growing every day!