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One-storey villa 335 m2

One-storey house with a terrace on the roof 
(3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, garage, garden, swimming pool)


House area: 335 m2
(The ground floor area: 161 m2, terrace area: 124 m2)
Land area: 464 m2
Swimming pool area: 32 m2
Parking area: 16,5 m2

Price: from 8 510 000 baht


Two-storey villa in Pattaya. Comfort of up-market property

If you appreciate privacy, silence and modest luxury… If a mild equatorial climate and perfect ecology are to your liking… If you’ve always dreamt of living in your own house close to a significant shrine of Buddhism and magnificent white sandy beach… This wonderful one-storey villa is the real embodiment of your dreams, which will bring you a settled life, satisfaction and good mood every day.
One glance at the photo of this luxurious house in the quiet high-end residential area with a romantic name “Silver lake” is enough to understand that you really want to wake up here every morning, to raise up your children, to love your family, to enjoy mental and physical comfort. The first morning in this villa will wake you up with the singing of exotic birds and splendid shine of Thai sun. And when it gets darker, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the walk around your own garden admiring the impressive sunset stretching over the sacred mountain of the Golden Buddha.

Furnituring pleasant in every respect

Becoming the owner of more than 300 metres of the most attractive realty in the South Asia, you can feel what the genuine aristoctatic scope surrounded by marvelous natural beauty is like. The size of land lot where this wonderful villa is situated gives the constant feeling of unlimited living space equipped according to your likings. You will be able to choose the interior design yourself. Moreover the laconic classy architecture of the building represents the sample of premium-class low-rise constructions. An amazing swimming pool, four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a spacious terrace and car park space… And all of this is in immediate vicinity of the famous Silver Lake. What else can wealthy people with good taste dream of?

The most profitable investment in your life

The price of such property is growing every year, outgoing the bank interests and the majority of dividends on shares. At the same time, you are free from any risks associated with investments in financial projects. But the most important thing in buying such an inspiring property is that you invest money in your personal well-being. You get a great environment, perfectly clean air and positive aura of the surrounding landscape absolutely for free. In this house you can enjoy life up to the maximum, developing yourself and your family in the most harmonious way, both physically and intellectually. Remember this villa is a kind of unique thing, so you shouldn’t hold back on the decision. Call now and make the most right choice in your life!