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Final settlement and legalization of the ownership

A transfer of deed (reregistration of the ownership) itself takes place at the Land Office. Please note that this document is issued only in Thai edition without an English copy.

For the final transfer of deed you have to provide the following certificates to the Land Department:

  • a signed copy of a buyer’s  international passport
  • a certificate FET, issued by Thai bank for a buyer with a sum of purchase
  • a signed copy of a seller’s  passport or ID
  • a certificate from a managing company of Condominimum with the name of a seller 
  • an original certificate of the ownership of property

What is more you will be offered to fill in the list of documents in Thai. Our team can undertake this work. You will just have to sign the documents and give them for the reregistration.

The lawyers and employees of the Land Office thoroughly check the authenticity of all the provided documents. Also, their task is to monitor the possibility of sale of one or another real estate to a foreigner. This guarantees you the abidance by all the rules of ownership and the legitimacy of the transaction for the purchase of real estate in Pattaya or any other Thai city.

The remaining amount you pay during the procedure of  transfer in the local Land Office, when there is your name already stated in the box “Owner”. The remaining amount is paid off in cash or bank check on the name of a seller or a company.

Bank check for payment
Bank check for payment